Available in 50 Shades

Through celebrating the un-retouched beauty of more diverse and relatable individuals in our imagery, we aim to redefine beauty standards and empower our supporters.

The Old Beauty Standards
are Cancelled.

Spktrm in the Media

We're proud to be a part of an industry that's created a radically inclusive brand like Spktrm.

This New Makeup Brand Is Making History With An Inclusive, Photoshop-Free Pledge.

We Need More Brands Like This to Stop Retouching Their Makeup Ads.


PETA Certified.

No animals were harmed to make or test these products.

Giving Back

10% of our profits will go to organizations that assist disadvantaged women and youth, and the LGBTQIA+ community.

Happy Skin

Our formulations include ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and marula oil, that nourish and heal the skin.